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e16 & e17 World War Cthulhu - Sleeper Agents 3 & 4

May 29th, 2017

Unfortunately, technical issues crept into episodes 16 & 17. The truth is that is was probably user error and I only have one side of the audio. I assume no one wants to hear me talk to myself for hours so I will have to summarize these two sessions.


e16 WWC Sleeper Agents 3

Session Date:April 23, 2017

Game Date: March 6, 1941

After extensive planning, our Investigators head to the POW hospital to checkout the mystery patient Maelys reported on. Creeping up the stairwell and taking the elevator up in separate groups, the Investigators are able to surprise a Gestapo Stooge/Guard and incapacitate him.


Gestapo Stooge


The mystery patient is Paol Bosser a resident of a nearby town. He reports to the group that the Gestapo is searching for information about a local cult an Paol has that info. Bosser is worried that a friend of his may not be able to withstand Gestapo interrogation. 


Paol Bosser


Bosser directs the group to the church of St. Peirre about 10 miles east of Rennes. There, he suggests there is important information about the cult that the group will find useful.

The investigators head to the church in the early morning and search for the documents. Father Kerviel, head of the church intervenes, demanding to know what is going on. The group has uncovered The Demon's Bane a mythos tome and they tell Father Kerviel about Bosser whom the father knows. 


Father Kerviel


In order to protect the information and the father, the group begins to head back to a safe house. 


e17 WWC Sleeper Agents 4

Session Date:April 30, 2017

Game Date: March 7, 1941 early morning

The session opens with the group leaving the church with The Demon's Bane and Father Kerviel. In the distance, a strange whilstling sound is heard. They approach the truck they arrived in cautiously. A grisly scene awaits them as the French driver waiting for them has been brutally murdered with his throat slit and multiple stabbings in the back of the neck. 


At about the same time, the group hears two vehicles approaching and also observes the coming headlights in the dark. The group jumps in their truck with Hew driving. They make their way directly towards the coming cars. 


A series of maneuvers reveals the cars are occupied by what appears to be plain-clothes Gestapo agents. A short chase ensues. In the chaos, two leathery-winged beasts descend from the dark sky with an ear piercing shriek. The beasts drive the Germans off the road causing them to crash or flee. 


The beasts attack the truck of our heroes hopping on the hood and tearing through the canvas cover. The creatures are chomping at the investigators and they are firing back.


Robert and Erich are wounded severely and Oliver goes insane (again). One creature is killed and one is driven off. 


The group races back to one of the safe houses, tend to some wounds, get a drink to calm nerves, and start to peruse The Demon's Bane.